Why We Can’t Wait

As this semester comes to a close and I embark on my twelfth post, I’m taking the time to reflect on how to conclude. More Disney feminism? More historical ladies? I can’t talk about that. I can’t think about anything except the solidarity of American citizens who are supporting those in Ferguson and New York City around the country.

Around the country. 

We’ve been paying attention to the #blacklivesmatter movement and the police brutality protests happening in New York City and Ferguson for months. I live hours away from both and a local mall held protestors over the weekend, with banners and chants. Fellow students from my Massachusetts university stood in rally for Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Protests are happening everywhere. The crowds that swarmed NYC landmarks over the past weeks gave me chills.

I feel like I should catch my breath because what we need to overcome obstacles is collaboration of all people. I think we’re starting to see that.

If anyone is out there thinking, what can I do? Follow the words I have been applying to my life every day: speak up. Do not let someone defend racism as its displayed in the light of police doing their duty. Get on Twitter and Facebook and find local rallies and protests.

We can’t wait for change to happen. We can’t assume someone else is going to stand up for the black lives lost every day. We need to make the change happen and we need to stand up.

“Lightening makes no sound until it strikes.”

Martin Luther King Junior, “Why We Can’t Wait” (1963)